Web Design

Web Designing and Editing 

All my creative design work is now done using Apples “.pages” word-processor, using one of the following methods.  (It could also with much greater difficulty be done using MS Word)

Direct Update from My Mac

Thanks to recent work by my web designer Lee Gunn I am now able, myself, to directly update the content of the main panel of each of my web-pages from my Apple Mac, using the Mark, Copy and Paste content of a “.pages” file, without first having to convert my update to a “.pdf” file for him to use on his PC.  To make this easy he has now provided me with an “Edit EEPD” facility on my Mac. 

For those using a PC the following is an example of two of my Page files converted into “.pdf” file purely so  they can be viewed by PC Users:

For a simple example e.g. the 1 page Panel for the present Whiteboard Volume see

www.fawdry.info/eepd/000__design/10__WHI/Panel10-3.pdf   √

The “√” indicates that the file exists on my website and can be accessed from anywhere worldwide using that hyperlink.

And for a more complex example e.g. the 38 page panel for the Datasets Volume see

www.fawdry.info/eepd/000__design/03__dat/Panel03.pdf   nnn3

The “   nnn3” indicates that I have created the file but that it has not yet been uploaded to my website.  It will be uploaded when version 3 of my whole “eepd” file is updated. Once I know that the file has been uploaded I can check the hyperlink and convert the “   nnn3” to “   √”

Via a “.pdf” file

Progress regarding the updating of Side and Top Bar Links is more complex.  For these I have to convert my “.pages” file to a .pdf” before sending it to my web designer to update the web   A recent version of one of these files can be seen by clicking on the following:

www.fawdry.info/eepd/000__design/000_Bars.pdf   √

Your attention is drawn to our continuing need for Associate Editors for the EEPD.

www.fawdry.info/eepd/00_hom/HelpEdit.pdf   √

If you feel you could help edit on of the volumes of the EEPD do get in touch with me.

Based on: EEPDSOURCE/000-DESIGN/00-SID/WebDesign-2.pages (18 Feb 2010)